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Who is Andrew Brumana?

Andrew Brumana has over 25 years experience working with online businesses, starting out as a web developer for the International E-Commerce Division of Visa International.  Since 2006 he has worked with direct response marketing companies to systematize and automate their businesses using the Infusionsoft marketing automation software.

Andrew is an Infusionsoft Certified Consultant, and is listed on the Infusionsoft Marketplace.

What makes him different from all other Infusionsoft ‘experts’?

Having full knowledge of the Infusionsoft software is a foregone conclusion nowadays; it is an absolute prerequisite.  But what separates the good from the best, is knowing how to make disparate business systems seamlessly work together – from CMS systems, shopping cart plugins, payment gateways, webinar and scheduling software, everything must work together perfectly to make a seamless experience for both the end user and business operations.

Additionally, technological knowledge is just a portion of Andrew’s vast expertise.  Andrew is also a trained copywriter, highly regarded by many of the world’s top direct marketers, a certified funnel architect, and an email marketing guru.

Andrew has taken many of his clients from the ‘idea’ stage to multi-millions of dollars in sales per year!

Andrew attributes his clients’ success in business to concepts he’s refined by working as a dating coach.  A business must treat the relationship they have with their customers in the same vein as a relationship one has with a significant other or spouse — you must nurture that relationship every day.  If you treat them right, your customers will not only become repeat customers, but lifelong evangelists for your brand.